Arthroscopic Menisectomy/Chondroplasty Rehab Program

Phase 1: 0-2 Weeks

  • WBAT with crutches for comfort for 24-48hrs
    • Goal: WBAT w/o assist by 48 hrs post-op
  • ROM: progress from passive to active to resisted ROM as tolerated
    • Goal: Full extension by 2 weeks post-op
  • Strengthening: quad sets, heel slides, SLR, etc.
  • Daily Patellar Mobilization

Phase 2: 2-6 Weeks

  • ROM: progress to full ROM
    • Goal: 125° of flexion at 4 weeks post-op
  • Strengthening: wall sits, lunges, balance exercises, leg press, leg curls, plyometrics, core strengthening
  • May use stationary bike or outdoor bike for ROM, strengthening, cardio
  • Transition to home exercise program